Chef's Jackets

For the Chef who proudly stages Mexico's diverse culinary culture as the professional representation of their skills. (Mexico's plethora of varied ingredients and amazing creations go beyond the mundane...) Mexico's authentic culinary culture has been severly impacted with the introduction of highly processed foods. A similar impact is happening to Mexico's diverse, generational traditions of intricate indigenous textiles with the introduction of inexpensive printed fabrics from abroad.


AbueLinda's Cocina*Wear has brought the two traditions together in one-of-a-kind Chef jackets that are individually woven on a back-strap loom and/or hand embroidered as their individual indigenous traditions require. The following pictures are samples of their offerings. The insets are from the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. Next will be Michoacan!!


Your participation will assist us in preserving the textile culture of Mexico and wearing your jacket will expand other's appreciation of this disappearing culture...Wear it with pride!

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The diagram to the left shows the approximate measurements of our X-Large jackets. The double buttoned front panel allows for a 3" expansion by moving the buttons. 

Note: Chest and waist measurements are side seam to side seam.