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As traditional Mexican cuisine has been severely impacted by highly processed foods, so have Mexico's beautiful textile traditions also suffered with the growing influx of machine-produced fabrics. AbueLinda’s Cocina•Wear is focusing on these issues through our unique, each one different, chef coats, apron mandiles, and complementary kitchen trousers.


Augustin, award winning chef of Viva Mexico, Sergio Suarez, food blogger and international food critic, and Fatima Cardenas, AbueLinda's sous chef are modeling the first versions of our chef jackets, pants, and aprons.


Cocina•Wear is the perfect touch to show off your cooking skills with guests or they'll make a great gift for your favorite chef!


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               Chef's Jackets                 

Professionally made of high quality cotton twill by local Chapala women, our Cocina•Wear garments are combined with recycled vintage Huipiles (hand-woven garments) that AbueLinda has collected over the years throughout Meso-America. Various colors and patterns. Each jacket is unique. Our prices are based on the comlexity of the huipil attached, it's place of origin, and the time involved in procuring the material.                                 


Examples of Jacket designs...click here



Mandiles are the traditional aprons of Mexico...

Even one generation ago, Mexican women had their dresses made by a local seamstress with "cortes" given them mostly by their children for a birthday or Mother's Day.  Those dresses were protected by a mandil, of which they had many. 

Our mandiles are based on the same concept with one size fits all. We have made them unique by adding pieces of  recycled vintage huipiles gathered over the years throughout Mexico.                                 


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AbueLinda's Cocina•Wear

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                     ***Coming soon***                          Cocina•Ware, a collection of unique pieces AbueLinda has found throughout Mexico